What should you know about Casablanca for Enjoying an Exciting Tour?

Casablanca is Morocco’s popular city and the largest sprawling city where the travelers can look for discovery and adventure. For every age of people, the Casablanca city has many things to offer. Having the glorious museums, upscale hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, pop-up shops, boutiques and art galleries, this Moroccan city guarantee great fun and enjoyment for people of all ages, which one can enjoy by booking a well-planned Casablanca city tour.

Having Morocco’s main international airport – Mohammed V International Airport, The Casablanca city welcomes both leisure and business travelers to explore an interesting blend of modern urban life and cultural accents.

When can you visit the Casablanca City?

Casablanca is a year-round tourist destination that attracts a huge number of people from all around the world. If you want to know the best months to visit the city, then consider July and August to enjoy an exciting Casablanca city tour with family and friends.

What are the major attractions to see and explore in Casablanca?

  1. Hassan II Mosque:

The magnificent and grand, Hassan II Mosque is located on the shoreline at a little distance from the northern part of Casablanca’s Old City. Globally this is the second largest mosque that was completed in 1993. The prayer hall inside the Hassan II Mosque can hold as many as 25,000 worshipers and its courtyard can accommodate an extra 80,000. The refined intricacies and innate richness make the Hassan II Mosque as a wondrous tourist attraction that you will love to explore on a Casablanca city tour.

Note: Non-Muslims are allowed to enjoy a guided tour of the mosque from the western entrance of Hassan II Mosque.

  1. Corniche:

The beachfront district- Casablanca’s Corniche in the Ain Diab suburb is a home to many luxury restaurants and hotels. This is a great place to relax and unwind your senses. The beautiful Corniche attracts both tourists and local peoples.

  1. Cathedral du Sacre Coeur:

The Cathedral du Sacre Coeur is constructed way back in 1930 and is admired as an architectural pattern that has a mix of Moroccan and European style. You will love to explore the Cathedral du Sacre Coeur, which is a popular tourist spot in Casablanca City.

  1. Central Market:

This place is a great shopping destination where you will find various items and commodities. With a local tour guide, you will get an opportunity to get some best deals in handicrafts, garments and other attractive items.

  1. Place Mohamed V:

Place Mohamed V is the central plaza of Casablanca, which is a home to many of the city’s important official buildings such as the main post office, Prefecture, Palace of Justice, the main Bank of Morocco and French consulate. You will love to see the building facades that sport the neo-Moorish style that the French Resident-General Lyautey planned out for the city for giving Casablanca a modern look in the early 20th century. Here the square has a central fountain and well-tended gardens, which makes it a favorite spot for promenading.

On a Casablanca city tour, you will get an opportunity to explore great tourist attractions, enjoy shopping and indulge in many exciting activities. To make the most out of your city tour of Casablanca, you must rely on a reputable travel agency in Morocco.

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