Top Things to Know About Cape Town Bicycle Rentals

Cape Town is rated as one of the best destinations in the World to enjoy a biking or cycling holiday. These days, Cape Town bicycle rentals and tours are very popular among many tourists who want to enjoy an exciting and authentic getaway in this wonderful South African capita(one of three!)

These days, global cycling tourism is on the rise and South Africa’s beautiful Cape Town provides a great opportunity for tourists and locals who want to enjoy an exciting bicycle holiday. Bicycle tours in Cape Town will help you see the Cape your way and get closer to nature. You can consider a reliable Cape Town bicycle rental such as to make the most out of your cycling holiday. Cape Town is a bike-friendly city, which makes it easy for you to get around on a bicycle. By relying on a reputable bicycle rental shop in Cape Town such as ourselves, you will get a superior quality customer service, assistance, repairs and transparent pricing.

Let us discuss some useful things to know that will enhance your bicycle rental experience in Cape Town!

1. Choose the Right Type of Bicycle:

At our bicycle rental facilities in Cape Town, you will find a wide variety of different bikes such as mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids and tandems, from which you can rent the right one depending on your preferences and needs.

Road Bicycle: These types of bikes are best when you are planning to explore the magnificent smooth tarmac on offer. The road bikes have aluminium frames and skinny tires that are considerably lighter than other kinds of bikes.

Mountain Bicycles: The most technologically advanced mountain bicycles are great for enjoying off-road cycling along our rough dirt and gravel trails. We have hard-tails(front suspension only) and some soft-tails(front and back) for your use.

Tandem Bicycles: If you want to ride around Cape Town together, then renting one of our Road or MTB tandems will prove to be the best choice. These types of bicycles are designed with a very comfortable and larger seat for a more upright riding position and fitted with wider tires to manage the extra weight which proves to be worth it for most casual riders. Both types available for on and off road routes.

Hybrid Bicycles: These types of bicycles are perfect for both roads and mountains. The hybrid bicycles have straight handlebars and larger seats, which ensures a more comfortable upright riding position for the less serious rider.

2. Consider the Bike Routes:

There are many bike routes and trails in Cape Town. It is important to book a guided bicycle tour in Cape Town with us at to get assistance from a local and qualified tour guide that will help you maximise the most scenic routes around the city and surrounds and to explore some of the top-rated attractions. If wanting self guided, we can provide maps and advice too!

3. Be a Responsible Rider:

As a cyclist, you also bear responsibility for your own actions. This makes it important for you to understand and follow all the provincial and local laws and regulations. Be careful and aware of all your surroundings whilst riding to enjoy a safe and exciting bike ride that will help to make the most out of your rental in Cape Town.

4. Use the Right Type of Gear and Equipment:

Make sure your bicycle rental shop in Cape Town provides you the right type of gear and equipment to ensure an optimal level of safety and security. To enjoy a safe, comfortable and exciting bicycle holiday in Cape Town, you need the best cycling accessories, along with cycling glasses, helmets, and accessories (like protective gear, lights, bike tools and reflectors). Here at we can provide these if you haven’t brought your own equipment for complete peace of mind.

To make the most out of your cycling holiday you need to consider a reliable and licensed Cape Town bicycle rental and Tour Provider like This will help you to get the best deals on bike rentals in Cape Town with a well planned, customized cycling tour package for you.

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