Image Compression Plugins Available for WordPress

When you use WordPress for setting a website or blog then you will realize that engaging content is not sufficient. Every online visitor will make use of a unique or different reason to see whether your site is worthy to be adored or not. However a few issues can sink you as quick during slow loading times. There are many factors that can affect your loading speed of web pages. If you want to enhance the show of your WordPress page then we suggest you to load high resolution images including any one of them. Many of us have experience that might have frustrated us while using the web. This is enough to be remembered when the loading speed of your site page is very low. These days the average internet facility can handle high resolution images with great ease. However smart phone usage can grow well. With this fact in mind we are going to discuss about Image compression plugins available for WordPress.

  1. EWWW Optimizer
    If you set up or install EWWW Image Optimizer then it will optimize images that you upload on your WordPress blog or website. These files of images may either have a GIF or JPG format. It also includes functions to do optimization of your entire catalog of media in case if you have many images on your site. One prominent advantage of EWWW image optimizer is that the process of optimization takes place within your own default servers instead of getting connected to the service of a third party. It also means that the tasks of optimization needs less time that can come in handy while handling media libraries as files of regular size may take a few minutes to upload. This is a complete local optimization process that has made it possible by including many pre-complied libraries that can install images at your site with great ease.
  2. WP Smush
    This is a pure plugin that is used to do image optimization. It is available in both free and paid formats. As common you can upload any kind of image on your WordPress themes free site that will get optimized. This plugin has a pack that does bulk optimization. As the name implies this plugin allows you to tackle multiple tasks at a time. If you are looking to do compression of your image then you have to do backlogs of this plugin. However this bulk optimization tool cannot process more than 50 files at a time. With the help of WP Smush you can optimize every individual image after visiting a media library. If you click on the compression file and Smush button then you will see the details at the attachment window. This option can come as a handy solution if you prefer doing bulk optimization.
  3. Kraken Image Optimizer
    This is an image compression plugin that enables you to optimize your files that are available in GIF, JPG and PNG format. If you set this tool as an image optimization plugin then you will need to sign a free account at its home page. By chance the Kraken Image Optimizer will optimize the images with the help of intelligent lossy. It is a compression file that has been designed to yield drastic savings without checking the impact or effect on the quality of images. The best thing about Kraken optimizer is that you can choose it as an option without any loss in the quality of image optimization.

Conclusion: When you upload crispy content on your WordPress pages then you will also need to upload attractive images after optimizing it. This will enhance the pomp and show of your website or blog powered by WordPress.


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