The Importance And Responsibility Of An Endocrine Surgeon

Although endocrine surgery in Miami is an important medical field, it is not a common specialty. This is a sub-specialty and focuses on surgery involving the endocrine glands. This includes the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, the glands of the endocrine pancreas, the parathyroid glands, and some neuroendocrine glands. An endocrine surgeon in Miami performs operations on the thyroid gland and this is the most common procedure for this specialty. This can involve anything from thyroid cancer to a benign multinodular goiter. A thyroidectomy is the removal of the entire thyroid gland, is disfavored by most surgeons, and is performed infrequently.

The Best Endocrine Surgeon Miami

Parathyroid surgery is only performed by an endocrine surgeon. This surgery is called a parathyroidectomy, and is generally used for primary hyperparathyroidism. Another procedure performed by an endocrine surgeon Miami is called an adrenalectomy. This involves removing the adrenal gland for conditions including adreno-cortical cancer, pheochromocytoma, and Conn syndrome. Pancreatic surgery is performed infrequently due to the rarity of diseases concerning the endocrine pancreas. An endocrine surgeon in Miami is required for diseases including gastrinomas and insulinomas.

The History of Endocrine Surgery in Miami

Endocrine surgery has recently become more developed than many of the other fields of surgery. Endocrine surgery Miami was originally developed as sub-specialty category of surgery due to the associated operations technical nature, and the risks of an operation involving the neck. Specialty training became available in 1978 in first the United Kingdom, and then the United States. This was to provide training for surgeons in this specialized field. The location for the early training center was in London at the Hammersmith Hospital. Many endocrine surgeons were trained by John Lynn and Professor Dick Welbourne, and John Lynn has remained an active surgeon. It has been established that complications become a lot less common when the surgeon has performed a minimum of 100 thyroid surgeries in a year. Most of the thyroid surgeries performed in the United Kingdom are done by surgeons who perform only twenty of these operations each year. This has resulted in a very high risk of a permanent change to the voice, and parathyroid damage. Although this damage is considered rare, the result is usually a permanent tracheotomy. Complications are rarely seen in the United States due to the number of surgeries performed by the surgeons each year. For more information visit our website

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