Do I Need Mental Counseling? 5 Most Probable Signs

Therapy is not usually a must for every little difficulty life throws at you, particularly if you recieve strong support from family and friends. So, how do you know when it is time to get in touch with a counseling service in West Palm Beach? Here in this article well talk about a few indications, demonstrating that you may need assistance from a therapist or counseling service in West Palm Beach.

Feeling Angry, Sad And Not Being Yourself

Unmanageable anger, sadness or despondency may be symptomatic of a problem with your mental well-being that can be treated with proper counseling. If you are eating or sleeping more or less than normal, withdrawing from friends and family, or just feeling upset most of the time, get in touch with a professional counselor before serious issues build up & impact your life. When these feelings step up to a point that you ask yourself a question whether life is worth living or you’ve thoughts of suicide, don’t hesitate to reach for help without hanging around.

Drugs, Foods, Alcohol Or Sex Abuse

Your coping skills demand some fine-tuning when you turn outside yourself to a behavior or substance to assist you to feel better. If you’re unable to have control of these behaviors despite detrimental impacts in your life, you may be battling with compulsive behavior that needs treatment.

Something Painful Has Happened To You

If you have a history of neglect, abuse or other psychological issues that you haven’t dealt with properly, or if you discover yourself the victim of an accident or crime, chronic sickness or some other painful events, the quicker you consult a counseling service in West Palm Beach, the faster you will learn positive ways to cope.

You Have Lost Something That Really Matters To You

Without the support of a counselor, grief can really be a long & difficult turmoil to go through. Though not everybody requires counseling during these tough periods, there’s no shame in seeking a little assistance to get over a divorce, the loss of a loved one, or a job loss, especially if you have experienced more than just one detrimental event within a short period of time.

You Can’t Do the Things You Simply Love To Do

Have you stopped doing activities that you generally enjoyed doing? Why is that? A lot of people discover that painful sentiments and experiences prevent them from going out, having fun with friends and making new friends. This is a major red flag and it goes without saying that an appointment with a counselor can provide you with the right direction.


Although many mental sicknesses may demand more intense involvement, many individuals benefit from temporary, goal-focused therapy to identify a particular problem or interpersonal assault, get rid of a conflict or take an important life decision. The chance to talk to a nonbiased counselor with the concern of repercussions or judgment can be life-changing. Talking to someone neutral, outside of your stressful situation, can show you a different perspective & help you find a way forward. Consult the best available Counseling Services in West Palm Beach to discuss your mental issues.

This article is written by Dr. Leslie A. Zebel – a licensed clinical psychotherapist who offer exceptional counseling Services in West Palm Beach and other surrounding areas.

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