How Well Are You Hydrated?

If you have access to a water cooler, hot and cold water is likely to be abundant, but does this mean that you are adequately hydrated? We all understand that hydration is important for body functions, but knowing that you are properly hydrated can be a little more complicated than counting how many glasses of water you’ve been drinking. Fortunately, there are a few signs to indicate if you are properly hydrated or need to get back to that cooler.

Urine Colour:

Although it may seem a little gross, taking note of the colour of your urine is one of the most reliable indications of whether you are properly hydrated. If your urine is lightly coloured or looks like water, you are well hydrated and have a handle on how much water you should be drinking. However, if your urine is darker, you need to include more water in your daily diet. The reason for this is that urine is one method the body uses to remove waste. A darker urine colour shows that your body is conserving water as much as possible. If your body has plenty of water available through proper hydration, your body is more able to release more fluid allowing your urine to have a lighter colour.


Another reliable sign of hydration is sweating. More water in your body allows use for a variety of functions including sweating. This will lead for you to sweat more during physical exertion. While sweating during exercise is a good sign that you are hydrated, you will need to replace this lost fluid by drinking a little more.

Feeling Thirsty:

This is one of the least reliable signs of needing to visit the water cooler. Hot and cold temperatures, illness and other underlying reasons can affect whether we feel thirsty. Additionally, even if the feeling of thirst is due to not drinking enough water, the fact that you feel it, is a sign that you are already dehydrated. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you drink enough to avoid feeling thirst, particularly in hot weather.

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