Essentials Of Preparing Live Lobster Cuisine

The continuous rise in seafood cuisine business can be attributed to the fact that people are beginning to embrace alternative methods of dining. In this regard, experts in fishing have resorted to finding the best out of the sea, and a live lobster is the most consumed food. However, it can be daunting to deal with them especially during preparation. Here are some of the pointers to note as you embark on the procedure.

Steaming has been characterized as the best method of preparing lobsters. A large pot should be utilized for the purpose of accommodating all of them. Using a small sized pot will definitely not yield the appropriate results. After this, you can proceed to add two inches of sea water inside the bottle of the kettle. Finally, place the steaming rack inside the pot to get started.

It is recommended that only a single lobster should be inserted in the pot at a go. Immediately, you are done inserting all of them, the pot needs covering so that timing can kick off. Those ones which have a weight of one pound are usually steamed for a minimum of ten minutes. The ones with a more weight such as five pounds can be steamed for not less than forty minutes.

The consumption exercise requires an individual to have in place all the right tools. They include scissors, lobster crackers, bowl and napkins. Napkins are needed to cover up the mess that will result from juices. Adherence to every equipment functions will assist in extracting as much meat as possible. By so doing, an individual will definitely have a nice experience eating their meal.

The first thing to engage in involves removal of claws. This realized by holding it using one hand and the other one is meant for pulling and twisting them. The same procedure is also used for getting rid of the tail from the body. Keen note should be taken to avoid discarding the head and body since a lot of flesh is also found in such parts.

The top shell should be pulled from the body and discarded. Inside the cavity, you will find a green stuff and it is the lobster liver which is edible. The other thing to do is to pull the legs and the spongy gills from its body. Plenty of meat is also found in the legs, thus should not be taken for granted.

A nut cracker comes in handy for separating claws at the joints. When this is appropriately carried out, the individual should come up with four pieces. However, some lobster fans prefer having a huge piece of claw meat for consumption. When the shell is removed using a sea cuisine pair of scissors, more flesh will be derived.

When it comes to the tail, the individual should engage in sticking one finger in the base where there is a small opening and pushing the tail meat out. Similarly, you can also use a fork. However, the black vein that runs the entire length of the tail met should be removed and discarded. The following checkpoints will come a long way in ensuring that you enjoy your delicacy.

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