Want A Green Clean Office? Consider These 3 Natural Cleaning Products

Whether your work place follows a ‘Green’ ethos or particular staff of your workforce experiencing allergies associated to chemical cleaning stuff, there’re several reasons to switch to organic cleaning recipes for your office. Far safer compared to commercially accessible chemical based cleaning agents, natural cleaners are unbelievably eco-friendly and just as efficient as many stores bought alternatives. 

Exploiting the power of organic ingredients, these green cleaning stuff are easy to make & are pretty effective when used properly – and not to say they are far affordable than the cleaning products available at your supermarket stores. This article highlights a few natural cleaning recipes that you must want to use in your Melbourne based office.

1) Perfumed surface cleaner: There is nothing fresher & cleaner than the smell of a lemon. Most of the commercial cleaning products integrate this smell synthetically, but the real lemon possesses strong cleaning properties, particularly when employed with bicarbonate of soda.  Soda’s alkali levels and lemon’s acidity help produce a compelling cleaning ‘fizz’ which eliminates all types of grime and grease.

2) Easy peasy screen cleaner: If your work place accommodates a great deal of technology, you may be concerned about employing homemade stuff to take care of your screens. But there is nothing to worry about. This very simple & unbelievably cheap screen cleaning solution is ideally safe as it contains no ugly chemicals whatsoever.

To produce your own screen cleaner, all you need to do is simply filling up a spray bottle with equal parts filtered water & white wine vinegar. Offer your screen a spray and a wipe and enjoy natural clean screen immediately.

3) Natural toilet cleaner: Do you just hate pouring down gallons of chemical on the toilet every week? If yes, then it’s time to consider a more organic approach that provides all the cleaning effect you require to keep your office bathroom as sparkling as it can be.

To produce your own natural toilet cleaner, pour 220 gram of baking soda into a bowl & put in 20 drops of your favorite essential oil for a pleasing fragrance. Employ a spoon to squeeze the oil into your toilet basin & provide it a decent scrub around. Then put in 4 spoons of white wine vinegar into the basin to make a strong fizzing, cleaning effect.

Hire A Professional Office Cleaning Service In Melbourne If You Don’t Have The Time To Do The Above:

Of course, it is not always easy to go green. Organic products may assist the planet & your pocket, but they always need time to get ready. And as a business owner, you also don’t want your staff to get involved in the cleaning work of your office which may have a negative impact on your overall revenue.

Today, you can easily avail office cleaning service in Melbourne that put green cleaning products to great effect with their advanced instruments and carefully developed techniques. Being specialized on green cleaning they know what product works and what don’t. They are also vastly experienced to ensure nothing gets damaged during the cleaning process

This article is written by Heavenly Touch Property Services – an Australia based company provides professional office cleaning service.

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