Star Wars Action Figures Are Fun

Luckily there are quite a few adults who were big movie fans nearly forty years ago. These individuals are very interested in obtaining Star Wars action figures to add to their collections. Young people do not realize how important these characters were to everyone many years ago. They find it hard to believe that their parents would want to purchase a statue who looked just like a certain older actor called Mr. Ford.

It was very fortunate that Harrison did not battle with Kenner while they were using his masculine looks for their twelve inch doll. There were so many humans flocking to their local neighborhood theater in order to get a good look at these wonderful actors portraying space characters.

The producers and directors of this movie made certain to sign their actors onto this great toy deal. Hans Solo, Luke and Leia were the top three characters within this film and this was very wonderful to all human beings. The movies had so many aliens and other creatures within it. Hans Solo could be seen in three different forms within toy stores.

Barbie’s good friend Ken would have been very jealous of Hans Solo since they nearly shared the very same body type. These two male dolls could have easily been brothers. Hans was wearing a shirt, pants and boots which could be taken off and washed at any moment. The males who purchased this product did not mind his doll like qualities.

Every toy company around is always looking for ways to expand their horizons and it was no surprise that Hasbro had eventually earned the rights to this particular movie. After receiving these certain rights Hasbro came up with their own version of Hans Solo. He was a more mature looking hard male who was not easy to carry. Unfortunately they did not sell as well as any of the Kenner originals.

There was also a mini version of this very handsome gentleman and this item was about three inches high. Nowadays the toy makers are producing Han Solo dolls which are very expensive and difficult to find. Kenner was also smart enough to change Han’s clothing when the Indiana Jones movies first arrived. Now boys could have Hans Solo dressed as the great man of adventure.

Princess Leia had a tough time when Kenner first brought her into the world. Many males did not want to add this female character to their collection and therefore she was left in the stores. There are quite a few of them who now wish that they would have purchased this valuable doll.

Hasbro decided to show the world their version of Princess Leia and she was quite awful. This particular doll had glue within her head and she did not have a real neck. Her clothing was also glued to her body and this made the value of the doll drop quite steadily. Unfortunately no other toy company could compare to the wonderful craftsmanship that Kenner possessed when they first introduced these items.

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