First Time Shipping your Yacht? Learn what you need to Sail in Foreign Waters

Sailing across the beautiful ocean has always drawn those with a spirit of adventure. There is nothing like feeling the soft gentle breeze of the wind and gazing at the ocean’s beauty at sea. The freedom to explore the great depths of the ocean and sail across is often what calls new sailors on their boats and yachts. Sailing brings joy and relaxation, flexibility to cross borders and to explore foreign waters and Tropical Islands with ease.

Are they a adventurous explorer who likes to discover new horizons? Do they like to participate in boat races around the world? The yacht transport industry offers yacht owners an safe, efficient and reliable option of relocating yachts to any region of the world.

Choosing a yacht transportation provider is an important decision in making shipping and sailing experience a great one for any yacht or boat owner. In choosing the best boat transport company for their move will not be an easy task. When searching for a company to ship a yacht or boat, they may find it to be a challenge than they initially thought or even imagined. When choosing a service provider, there is a lot to consider in making their shipping experience an excellent one.

Key factors in choosing a yacht transport company 

Transport Options When considering the relocation of their yacht or boat in foreign country, it’s important to understand the options available for their yacht size. Yacht transportation options are determined by the weight, length and beam of their yacht. Yacht shipping specializes in the transportation of yachts to any worldwide destination. They have a highly skilled and experienced management team, both on shore and aboard their ships, they’re dedicated to providing clients with safe, efficient and reliable marine transportation solutions.

They’re one of the most progressive and innovative in the yacht transportation industry. They strive to exceed expectations with customized yacht transport logistics and solutions. They’re the leader in competitive shipping, pricing, services, and customer flexibility.


Price Beat Guarantee’ is their signature opportunity, and they look forward to meeting and exceeding client’s yacht transport expectations. Boat transport cost provides safe, reliable and cost-effective vessel shipping. Their team puts client needs first and is the only company in the industry NOT requiring upfront deposits. Boat shipping estimate is a premiere experience while working with a safe, reliable, sophisticated team of transport specialists based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They have shipping destinations that reach a worldwide global destination to North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia and the Mediterranean.

Shipping boats provide clients with a loading window rather than an actual date of delivery. This is due to the many variables that can affect a ship’s actual arrival date. Many factors go in effect such as weather, port delays etc. They can’t be controlled by the boat shipping and should be considered when planning a transport. They have a delivery window of between 10-20 days and is generally narrowed as the loading window date approaches. It is nearly impossible to guarantee delivery dates until the yacht is loaded aboard the carrying vessel. Once the yacht is loaded, a fairly accurate arrival date to the discharge port should be expected.

They’re your one-stop shop for everything pertaining to the transportation of their yacht. They handle logistics, customs clearance, risk insurance, marine slips and more. They are just a phone call away and they have knowledgeable staff that can assist any yacht owner and give a boat shipping cost for their yacht. Contact us at 954-383-4448 or visit our site to let us handle their largest yacht transport carrier needs at our worldwide destinations.

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