Cold Climate Heat Pump: Complete Solution for Weather Proof Housing

Are you residing in an extremely cold climate region like the North America or Canada and seeking for the optimal comfort, savings, and mental peace when it comes to fulfilling your domestic heating and cooling requirements? Cold Weather Heat Pumps are the most efficient solution on offer for enjoying complete weatherproof housing all year round. They use an innovative air-to-water technology that would amazingly heat or cool your space. In harsh cold climate condition, such as arctic zone, heating or cooling your home becomes a top priority but seems difficult with no spending on natural gas, oil, wood, or pellets. Cold Climate Heat Pump has variable speed compressors to effectively heat your home at a lower outer temperature (-25 C) and save up to 30% on energy cost. The intelligent designing and precise temp control features of this pump assure to replace the need of any costly fuel source and reduce the risk of environmental pollution. It’s perfectly fine to consider purchasing and installing Cold Weather Heat Pumps for managing heating and cooling needs of your home or business. With so many extra features such as added insulation and internal ports in the heat pump for the perfect temperature reading, you are likely to experience the pleasure of complete weatherproof house at half of the cost of a geothermal heat pump.

Heating and cooling your home in cold climate attributes to half of your home’s total energy consumption. Due to the use of brushless DC fan motors, EVI DC inverter compressors, and PFC control method, a Cold Climate Heat Pump can properly control its energy output. You can find it to easily adjust both speed and performance to outside weather conditions and lower the operating cost by 30%. Based on its high energy efficiency, it becomes easy to save as much as 30% on your home heating and cooling cost. Imagine how much difference can the 30% lowering of hot water or space-conditioning expenses make differences in your living! It is estimated that more and more residents in cold climate zones will switch to cold weather heat pumps in the future, leading to billions of energy savings per year and prevention of hazardous carbon dioxide emissions to the environment. By choosing to install a Cold Climate Heat Pump, average household spending thousands of dollars on gas or oil heat pump system every year, could save significantly and cut down their fossil fuel dependence by 60-80%!!

Professionally installed and maintained Cold Weather Heat Pumps can show seasonal efficiencies beyond 300%, signifying the heat pump system can produce three times more energy than what it utilizes! Electrically powered Cold Climate Heat Pump offers an energy-saving, eco-friendly, and inventive alternative for home heating and cooling without adding to expenses on gas and oil, strengthening local economy – all while maintaining the comfort and health of your family members and the world community in general.

Cold Climate Heat Pump ensures a lot of benefits than just higher energy efficiency, lowered energy bills, perfect heating, and cooling comfort. Some of the exclusive features that make it the most preferred solution for weather resistant housing are:

1. Unlimited flexibility in managing heating zones

2. Built-in backup and buffer tank

3. High scope for expandability

4. Precise temperature controller

5. Intelligent defrosting

6. High-quality core components

7. Accelerated heating/cooling time

To heat up water and air condition your cold climate home with an inexpensive and renewable energy source, while lowering the risk of carbon emission, protecting the environment, saving on the energy bill, and notably improving your comfort throughout the year, consider purchasing a cold climate heat pump today!

This post is written by Arctic Heat Pumps, one of the best manufacturers of heat pumps for the cold climate that cost half of the price of traditional geothermal units. To enjoy complete weatherproof housing solution with low investment, consider purchasing cold climate heat pump from Arctic Heat Pumps in Canada at +1 204-232-1139.

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