Boat Shows You’ll Want to Attend Next Year

United-Yacht is a global leader in yacht transport services. In fact, they continue to receive stellar industry ratings and client reviews across the board. From small boats and cutters to large ships, United has the tools and experience to safely transport your vessels to a myriad of destinations. This includes worldwide docks and port-of-calls in North America, South America, Europe, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean and even Africa. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to secure the following services:

  • Cost-affordable yacht shipping and all paperwork handled by United.
  • Safe tugging, pulling and rowing of all yachts and boats – of any size.
  • Large container ships that can easily transport your luxurious yachts to desired destinations.
  • On-board inspections, light repairs, modifications, and professional services guaranteed.
  • Registries with several global docks, marinas, and port of calls.
  • Timely transport of ships for family vacations, corporate functions, sporting events, and especially boat shows.

Upcoming Boat Shows in 2018


United-Yacht features informative articles and blog posts at their website. They also have detailed information on boat transport and shipping costs. Similarly, the company stays abreast of all industry events and functions, including boat shows for sailing enthusiasts and aficionados. A great number of customers utilize UY services for boat showings, sailing competitions and sales or transfers. These events are designed to showcase lavish yacht and elegant boats on sale for private buyers – or the public at large. Here are some of the upcoming shows slated for next year:

Houston Boat, Sport and Travel Show


This annual event takes place in Houston and features boats from all across the country and world. The event happens January 5-14, 2018 at NRG Center in Houston – and welcomes boat lovers from all over the globe. The convention also features huge sections for fishing, travel and RV enthusiasts. United Yacht can easily ship any boat for showcasing or sale at this popular event. In fact, this is the 63rd Annual Event in Houston, and it’s slated to be one of the biggest on record. If you need professional boat shipping for this – or other upcoming shows – simply get in touch with United-Yacht today.

Progressive Chicago Boat, RV and Sail Show


Chicago will also host the Progressive Boat Show from January 101-4, 2018. The event takes place at McCormick Place – South – not far from the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. This event will feature luxury, sporting, and pleasure boats from all over the country and world. In fact, this is the perfect venue to purchase new cutters, sailing boats, and even large luxury yachts. They will also have plenty of boating accessories available from top brands and suppliers, along with fishing tackle – equipment – and gear for one and all. As always, customers will have access to RV and other vehicles for outdoor camping and enjoyment. United-Yacht is always available to ship your boats to this function for sale, transfer or trade.

Why Choose United Yacht?


When it comes to shipping boats for shows, go no further than They have years of extensive industry experience, and a great track record for timely boat shipping and deliverables. From yacht transportation to boat shipping estimates, they do it all at United. In fact, you can easily check their industry testimonials and online reviews. This will help you make a worthwhile and informed decision about the services you need. Here are a few more benefits of choosing United Yacht for your boat and/or yacht transfer needs:

  • Cost-efficient boat transfer services for all upcoming shows and events.
  • United can deliver your boats to desired marinas, convention centers, exposition centers, or docks for events.
  • Safe, reliable and affordable boat shipping services guaranteed for all clients.
  • Insurance, registries, and all paper-work handled by the staff before your boat leaves for its destination.

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