Be Wise About The Funny Apparel You Go Out In

There is a popular trend amongst young adults to get on the Internet, find the most offensive thing they can find printed on a shirt, and wear it to places that aren’t exactly appropriate. I don’t think it’s really the fault of these young adults. I think that everyone loves funny t-shirts. I also think that this new generation of college graduate is incredibly desensitized and doesn’t really know what is okay, and what is definitely NOT okay. Here’s some helpful tips:

The first thing you need to consider before wearing funny shirts out in the wide world is the level of stupidity your shirt implies about you. There are some pretty stupid shirts out there that may seem cute and charming at first glace, but that are actually just dumb. Shirts that feature crushed beer cans, girls in bikinis, or both come to mind. Remember that whatever your shirt says, it says about you.

Something that must always be considered when choosing your funny tees are the actual words themselves. Curse words have been getting more and more common in recent years. That doesn’t mean it’s okay to wear it on a shirt where any kid can read it. Forced a child to see obscene words is never okay, and any family that gets upset about it has a right to their anger.

The last thing to consider before choosing what to wear from your funny tee shirts is the imagery on your shirt. There are lots of shirts out there that have some pretty strong sexual overtones on the design of the shirt. These images are in no way acceptable to wear in public, so just don’t do it. Be thoughtful of any family groups you may encounter. Would you want your kids seeing that at the supermarket?

Just keep in mind that not everyone in the world is as jaded as you are. To you, curse words and sexual content may seem like a minor issue. To many people, it is still a reason to be shocked and offended. Avoid the confrontations and avoid upsetting people who have done you no harm. Funny apparel has a time and a place.

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